volume 1 | a book by Raylene R. Gorum


I have been a big fan of Raylene R. Gorum’s sketchbooks for quite a while now. So much, that I asked her if she had prints for sale. We ended up doing a swap: a swissmiss print for a sketchbook print. I was obviously delighted to discover that she has come out with a book featuring some of her earlier sketchbooks:

A book within a book, culled from five years of sketchbooking. All works siphoned from the world around Raylene; a manner of dialoguing with art exhibits, books, fossils, architecture templates, food wrappers, RV culture, love, cats, photography, sake, childbirth, cities, graphics, origami, tape, people on the street and landscape.

Order one here!

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  1. This book reminds me of the ‘sketch book’ published by Scottish Artists ‘Hole in my Pocket’.I love books where you get to see the process and thoughts of the artist.