business cards reinvented


I was just rejoicing as I discovered shineboxprint’s Business Card Booklets. Get a fully customizable booklet featuring 20 perforated identical cards bound into a protective cover. Or get a Versioned Booklet: Also fully customizable but each of the 20 cards has a common side and a unique side. Perfect for a Mini Portfolio.

What a fabulous idea!

(Thank you Luis!)

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  1. There is a new company specializing in business cards and postcards out there call they have tens of thousands of really cool designs templates to choose from, most of them are totally customizable with this really cool advanced editor that really puts you in control over the entire look and feel of your designs. Its like some fancy Desktop Publishing software except I don’t have buy it and it takes just minuets to learn. You can change the sizes, the colors, of everything including the designs them selves not just the text like many other online printers and you can change all the text too including the layout the fonts and so much more.
    I am starting a new business and I have done a lot of work with them in the past few months, they have no upload fee’s for the images make my self with a digital camera or in photo paint and they produce a good quality product on quality paper. The best part is they have a color managed workflow so if your like me don’t know if your are files set-up correctly for print and often get weird dead looking images from your RGB digital camera files or other graphics I made my self, their system detects the file settings and automatically optimizes it for CMYK printing and shows you a PDF preview of your uploaded design with the color simulated as it would look when printed in CMYK on their printing presses so you know what it is going to look like (good or bad) before you execute the order. Like that blue in Microsoft word that always looks dead when printing it, they show it to you dead before you print so you can fix-it and re upload it. Very Nice! They keep adding new feature like every couple of weeks & I know they were talking about adding a lot more paper options and rounded corners and new products in the future maybe they have those features now.

  2. Wow that a really good idea for business cards. To get free printable business cards to go with the business card holder, you can try


  3. Is this booklet available in South Africa?