copywriter’s birthdaycard


Design the copywriter’s birthday card. They said.

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  1. I’ve seen some copywriters sneer at this piece, as a copywriter (with, ahem, a sense of humor), I thoroughly enjoyed this.

  2. hilarious. i am a copywriter and you’re right. i don’t care about the font and i fail to see why it should take four days to choose a colored background or card stock — it’s not like the printer isn’t going to F it up anyway. it’s just a flier for crying out loud; don’t build your portfolio around it! i worked for hours to choose a word that would grab someone’s attention. your font doesn’t matter. though, i do admit … the SIZE of the font does. haha … size ALWAYS matters. ;)

  3. Quite honestly – and please realize I am trying my Utmost to be honest – I think the font does matter as much as people matter. I think the key is knowing when to do what and why. Let me explain: Fonts are like magic pellets in the brain – you think they are worth nill but they captivate you like mere words never could. Words are chaff, font and design are gold.