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My point-and-shoot is literally falling apart and I am looking for a replacement. The Canon PowerShot G9 has caught my eye. Seems to be a good way to go for when I don’t want to schlepp my big SLR. Does anyone of you readers own this camera and if so, what’s the verdict?

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  1. Hi Tina,

    I love your Blog.

    A personal question: 30 Blogs (still counting) with pictures & links on the busiest 2 days of the week. You’re working, too, right?

    Reveal your secret – surprise us!

  2. Argh those dicks at Canon… now I’m going to have to sell my G7 and get me some RAW… I swear they left out raw on the G7 on purpose as a ploy to sell the same camera to everyone twice.

  3. PS. I love my G7, but have always been irate about the omission of RAW – buy the G9, you’ll love it.

  4. Tina,

    I love the industrial design of the G9 and the fact that shoots RAW. I’m waiting the DPreview of the camera befor buying one. Besides from the review, the demo pictures that Canon itself is showing online, are bad. The 12 megapixel res in such a small sensor gives you noise. I prefer a small res cameras with no noise and the ability yo play more with the ISO than a super res cam with noise.
    The G9 has an incredible ISO dial (metal made) on top, so you can change it on the fly. This could be awesome if the camera delivered good photos at ISO 400 and up, but it doesn’t. Even at ISO 80 has bad pixel resolution. If you look at the samples at actual pixels, you’ll se like a texture without resolution.

    I know, it’s a shame, because the camera itself it’s a beauty. It looks far better than Canon’s dSRLs and the other point and shooters the actual marker has to offer. I even post an article called “RAW sexy lady” about the G9 before I was able to see the samples online.

    I know Canon (and sony) invested tons of money in developing CMOS sensors for point & shoots which I hope will se the light sometime next year. May be you can wait for the G10…

  5. I’m actually looking to go the other way; I’m shooting for the smallest, half decent P&S I can find to compliment my dSLR so that I know I’ll always be inclined to carry it. Anyone have any recommendations in that direction?

    Sorry to hijack Tina. I’ve heard nothing but raves for the Canon G series, but I haven’t used one myself. I do have a hankering for a Ricoh GRD as well.

  6. if you have a slr and are looking for a top notch point and shoot, i love my fuji f31fd. great low light shooting, video and pretty inexpensive..

  7. I have an earlier Canon Powershot (much earlier) and it’s pretty sturdy and takes pretty good pictures. I haven’t seen this new one but it’s kind of turning me on a little :)

    Danny, I like the Pentax Optio S6 for carrying around with me – it fits in an Altoids tin!!

  8. Tina – I’ve been using the Leica D-Lux 3 for about a week now – and I luv it!!!

  9. If you want a small camera with full manual features you might also want to look at the panasonic LX3 or the Leica D-Lux2. They’re the same camera actually, but, yeah.

  10. Hey Tina,
    For a compact non DLSR that you can control everything i would have recommended the Ricoh GR
    which has now been superceeded by the Ricoh Caplio GX100
    just my 2 cents :)
    have a nice day

  11. For a point and shoot, (as other good folks have reccomended) it’s the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX2 or the fancier looking Leica D-LUX 3 (same camera), no contest.

  12. tina,

    At the moment the only noiseless p&s are the fujifilm ones that features “superCCD” insignia. You could take a look at them…

    I’m writing this with an unlocked iphone in latin america! Your blog looks awesome with this little display!

  13. i’m no camera expert but i’ve had the G9 for a few months and i *love* it.

  14. the canon does look great – i have lumix dmc-lx2 – which i LOVE – it has some peculiarities but coming from someone who started with a nikon FM2 when i was a kid – I love the control. I am sure the canon will be great.

  15. leica dlux-3 is a beauty. i’ve talked two other frogs into buying one. the form factor is sleek and pocketable and it shoot some rich amazing picks. about 1/3 more than the g9, but worth it.

  16. How I find Spring card picture that have posted in the web in previous time?

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  17. Liking the GX100 very much, specially the 24 mm. end.

  18. I’ve got an old powershot – It’s been a little workhorse for years.

    I reckon give this one a go – it looks great!

  19. I looked at all the high end pocket camera’s and ended up picking up the GX100.
    Great camera!!

  20. hey, good looking…

  21. We’ll put in our 2¢ in favor of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX2. It’s great.

  22. Both Panasonic and Leica P&S cameras have sensors made by Matsushita (Panasonic) which have tons of noise in low lights and when asking the camera to take pictures at ISO 200 and up. Yes, leica lenses are good, but not $300 leica lenses. The optics that made Leica famous coast thousands of dollars and are used in the “M” line. The only digital “M” is the M8 which uses sensor made by Kodak.

  23. Hi Tina,

    Hang on to your G7 and get the CHDK DIGIC III hack. It enables RAW as well as a slew of other features in the G7. Don’t buy anything!

    moderator of the Canon G7-G9 Yahoo group!

  24. Tina – I just bought a G9. Other cameras I have are a 1D MKII, 5D and a Lumix LX1. I wanted it for exactly the same reasons as you – something chunky but not DSLR-sized to carry with me most of the time. I shoot only RAW on all my other cameras so that was what made me look at this.

    I’m still undecided about it. The main reason for my indecision is that there isn’t a decent RAW convertor available yet. Adobe Camera Raw has ‘unofficial’ support for it in version 4.2, but it’s really buggy and doesn’t look great.

    Things I really love about it are the extreme macro abilites and wide (f2.8) aperture.

    The noise thing is a non-issue, as far as I’m concerned. Simple fact of physics is that if you have a small lens and a small sensor, you’re going to get noise. Noise is there, but it’s the lowest I’ve seen on a P&S?

    Barrel distortion at widest end (which, incidentally, is not that wide at 35mm) is pretty bad.

    I can only really compare it with the LX1, which is a fantastic camera, but noise is about ten times worse than the G9.

    I’m going to stick with it and wait until it’s properly supported by ACR. If I’m still not convinced, it’s going on eBay.

    If you’re interested, there are some pics taken with it on my Blipfoto journal:

    And more will be added in the coming days…

  25. We’ve had the G9 for a week now and so far it meets the needs that we were looking for – manual adjustments, exposure compensation, optical viewfinder, raw capability and a compact size.

    My husband I took identical images this weekend with the G9 and a Nikon D80 with some good prime lenses. The images were extremely sharp, the metering seemed to be good in a variety of conditions and it was fun and easy to use.

    It has a panorama function and comes with software that stitches up to 26 images together. It seemed to work decently in a quick trial of it.

    Apple’s Aperture doesn’t support the G9 format yet, so that is the worst thing we’ve discovered about the camera.

  26. Thanks Gail, I’ll take a look at the Pentax.

  27. I’ve got a Panasonic DMC-L1 rangefinder, very small with an outstanding Leica lens…
    Take a look at one, maybe $1000 in the US but worth every cent.