3 bycicle braking cables (?)
2 circles made out of plexiglass
1 efficiency bulb
Lots of wine glasses
Koope, a chandelier designed by Phillipe, a swiss architecture student. Very practical for tiny NYC apartments. Finally a place to put all of our wine glasses and free up some valuable kitchen cabinet space.

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  1. I bet those are bicycle *braking* cables.

  2. Thanks for catching that typo, Tim!

  3. Check out this chandelier; not the same utility, but along the same lines…


    It’s from a wine bar we have in Montreal named Pullman, http://www.pullman-mtl.com/

  4. I love this! Do you or does he sell them?

  5. Have you at any time had a truly unforgettable glass of wine?
    What about a memorable bottle? Which was more important in your experience, the corporation or even the wine itself?