The World’s Ugliest Cars. I disagree.


Business Week is running an article on what are supposed to be the The World’s Ugliest Cars. I completely disagree, with the exception of the Aztek. I would suggest adding the Honda Element and the Scion XB.

I think the Ford Pinto (above) is a beauty.

(via chrisglass via designobserver)

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  1. my pops had a 1970 ford pinto, the same model as above, with a blue exterior (it looked purple at night under the street lights) and black pleather interior.

    at ten years old, the car wouldn’t turn off even after removing the key. it would sputter for 20 seconds and finally shut down.

    i agree; there’s something elegant about the design of that car.

  2. Totally agree. I think today’s cars a so much uglier. At least the old ones have the benefit of being retro-cool. The Aztec is definitly the ugliest car ever made. But don’t forget the Chevy HHR, the bastard child of the PT Cruiser and the Hummer! Arg, my eyes!!!

  3. I thought the Vega was a gorgeous car! Whoever wrote this article seems to have a beef with compacts also.

  4. The Ford Pinto (cream colour) was my second car when I used to live in California in the mid 80’s, I think I was the only one who saw the retro-cool factor then, since driving one didn’t get much respect in car crazy So Cal. I loved it, and still do. The bad design was on the inside since I once had to remove the engine to replace a oil filter.

  5. Vega, Pinto, Pacer and Gremlin rock! And, that was 30 years ago. No excuse for the recent models on this list.

  6. Yeah! Saw a Pinto in the grocery store parking lot earlier in the week. Did a triple take and sort-of just stopped and stared. It’s shape grabbed me again for the first time in years.

  7. The ugliest car ever?

    The state car of Wisconsin: The PT Cruiser.

  8. I’m with you on this one. The Pinto rocks. And so does the Vega. The Aztek sucks bigtime.

  9. Never forget tha Fiat Duna

  10. the Chevette/Pinto/Gremlin/Pacer are successful as icons for a sad era of automotive design…that’s about it.

  11. Reading the article it seems to include the handling and engineering of the car in the term “ugly”, not only the exterior visual design. With that in mind a dangerous, prone to rust, and badly engineered car is ugly even though it might look cool, like the Pinto which apparently explodes…

  12. Fiat Multipla shouldn’t be forgotten