Not So Noble “Noble Desktop”


In their august email newsletter AIGA/NY announced a free seminar by Noble Desktop on the topic of “Latest Web Technologies”. Intrigued by the details of the event, I signed up. I got a confirmation letter and a reminder the day before the event. So, last night I ventured over to the event location, even got there 5 minutes early to then have the lady at the door tell me: “Sorry, the event is full”.

I was completely flabbergasted. What do you mean, the event is full? And pointed to my r.s.v.p. printout! I then was told about ‘first come first serve’ and something along the lines of fire code, and maxed out.

Fairly upset I then proceeded t do a little angry Rumpelstiltskin impersonation.

I emailed AIGA when I got home suggesting to reconsider their affiliation with Noble Desktop. Or maybe they should just rename their company to “Not So Noble Desktop”. I just checked ‘’ is available.

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  1. .com are also still available ; )
    Gruezi und mach weiter so – ich lese hier sehr gerne.


  2. I’ve been to a few Noble Desktop seminars (the free ones) and I have to say they are actually quite useful. I’ve picked up a few quick tips in both InDesign and Flash. But yes, the filling up situation is rather annoying. I don’t know what to tell you other than next time show up early! But don’t boycott em just yet, they’re still a good org.