Contemporary murphy bed? Impossible?


I am currently researching Murphy Beds and am having a hard time finding sleek, designy, contemporary looking ones. I am sure my savvy swissmiss readers can help, no? In the meantime: here’s the history of Murphy Beds?

UPDATE: I just found this unit. Pretty cool.


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  1. This is actually pretty slick. I saw a couple some time ago I liked as well.
    (horrible color scheme, but nice idea overall)
    (not a murphy bed, but a convertible nonetheless)

  2. modern folding beds:,


  3. try
    products -> sofabeds/wallbeds

    they have a catalog here:

  4. Found a nice contemporary murphy bed: > furniture & product development > cubed – murphy wallbed

  5. I like that one in the photos – but the link doesn’t work – do you remember the maker?

  6. Do you have a catelog that you could mail to me?
    Do you have any other wall bed styles?
    Thank you

  7. I like the updated one too but the link is broken. Is there a mfgr name ?

  8. I just found a really great alternative to a murphy bed. Check out . This site offers a bed that doubles as a
    sofa when it’s not being slept in. I love my new Slide Away Bed!


  9. hi, i absolute love the murphy bed turning into a sofa i am currently building a house and i would need 2 who can i contact in switzerland?estelle

  10. where can I find the bed pictured….and does any one know what the cost would be?