How do you Organise your Graphic Design Files?


How do you Organise your Graphic Design Files?

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  1. I have trouble organizing my photography.

    Right now I am trying by date, but then there are the film ones and the digital ones, and the ones I have photoshopped.

    And the random ones that I took so I don’t have real date for them.


  2. I’m wondering if version control might help in certain situations, especially avoiding the “…v1.something, …v2.something, …vN.something” file proliferation.

  3. answer: not all that well.. I usually add a v1.2, 1.2 etc.

  4. This is how I do it:

    yearmonthday_project_content_version.psd >
    eg. 20071024_halloween_opendoor_v01.psd

    By putting 2007 in front, you’ll have all your 2007 & 2006 projects grouped together. Same applies to your months. If you start your day with the last version of the previous day, one can limit the number of v’s :)

    Or else, Leopard will be out on Friday (Apple’s new operating system) so you can view your work/files in the new Finder Cover flow view.


  5. Thanks for the link to that article. I tidy computer files so it’s interesting to read how others do it.

  6. What we do at work is have folders labeled like this: •Final, •Working, Comps, PDFs, Support

    If you keep the dots in front of the first two it keeps them in the right order. We start out using the comps folder until we have an approved design.

    Once approved, the approved file gets put together with any changes in the •working folder.

    Anything we use to create this file gets put in the support (psd, jpg, tiff, etc)

    We normally send low-res pdfs to the client, so thats why we have that folder.

    Then the final folder normally contains the artwork with outlined fonts in the format it needs to be sent out to print in.

    It’s really simple and alot easier when you have more than one person working on a project.

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  8. I use version v1, v2, etc and I have folders galore – I keep EVERYTHING in case a client wants to go back to something – so folders are important to keep it all organized.