In love with my new keyboard.


Completely in love with the Apple Wireless Keyboard. It’s Ultra-thin and completely cable-free. And it’s small enough to fit on my mini-desk. YAY!

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  1. My 13 year old couldn’t resist and bought herself one! It is pretty nice!!

  2. My only complaint about the new mac keyboards is that the function keys have been replaced with shortcuts and that the previous shortcut keys have moved location. Frustrating.

  3. Yes, the new keyboard is so nice… I bought the wire one, and love it. I even wrote some thoughts on “Apple keyboards” at my blog…because I realized how important part of our daily work out keyboards are. I will paste my thoughts here:

    The keyboard and mouse are, may be, two of the most important hardware components of a computer. Basically because they are what we touch and feel most of the time. The same happens with your wife, boyfriend, husband, dog and cat.

    Pictured above are the Apple keyboards I own.
    The first one, was my introduction to the Macintosh system ten years ago. I will never sell it. It wasn’t much ahead of the Windows world back then, but it had a nice and smooth sound which eventually disappeared.

    The second one, was my everyday keyboard until today. I remember I bought it mainly because of the wireless thing. And because it has virtually no footprint beyond the necessary. But it was basically the same mechanical deep pressing keys from the years when computers where made by Oliveti and monitors where processed trees. Over time this white wireless keyboard became more and more annoying to me. The keys became smooth-less and typing became an unpleasing thing to do. I just used the wireless keyboard to control my PowerBook (aluminum) G4, a computer with the best keyboard ever. So I didn’t understand why laptop keyboards were so ahead of the desktops ones, which didn’t stop to be very mechanically designed.

    A week ago I bought a new iMac for audio recording at the office. Every single human being (and birds that passed along the window) where astonished about the 24” monitor. But none of them knew what was the most important design innovation in the new iMac. It was something they couldn’t touch and feel, it was the mechanically reduced keyboard.
    A week later, I decided to buy one to control my Powerbook. And I did so today. Keep in mind that I live in Latin America, where I have to pay 250 Argentinean pesos to get an Apple Keyboard. Yes, that’s the way it is when you live in an undeveloped country. Well, the thing is, I love it. The new custom keys are great. “All windows” and “dashboard” keys are far better placed on the left (closer to the left hand, remember the right one is controlling the mouse). Another feature I love are the iTunes controls which let me skip songs I don’t want to listen. Smooth typing, heavy aluminum, better grip than older keyboards, and helps you find the music you love. USB ports are version 2, which makes them usable. To make it clear: It has more to do with this century than with the one that just passed by.

  4. At first I thought you had the Cyrillic version or something. Oh, you flipped the image! YTREWQ!

  5. As somebody once said: Wireless keyboards can make you feel really productive, as in “OH! I’ve run through another set of batteries already. I must’ve been doing a whole lot!”

  6. I’m one of those oddballs who actually prefers the chiclet keys on the macBook to the standard Apple keyboard so I’ve been greedily eyeballing these since they came out but I don’t think I could survive without the numeric keypad.
    I understand that they wanted to keep the size down, but why not offer two wireless versions?

  7. djfred, the wired keyboard has numeric keys and Jeremy, there’s an option in the Keyboard system preference (I think, I’m not at home) that allows you to turn on function keys. However, you lose the shortcut keys in the process.

  8. I love it too. One advantage few mention is that the lack of a number keypad means you end up with better posture and that’s way better for you in the long run. Bonus!