Pinmag Exploring Cute Swiss Design


Exploring Cute Swiss Design, an article over at pingmag. Not sure about the “cute” though. What is cute about our passport? It’s somewhat serious, clean, ‘safe’ design, but not ‘cute’.

(thank you nathan)

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  1. You guys can be serious and fun at the same time! Red is not a boring colour…
    Probably that’s why we think your passport is cute. It seems that for us, serious should be severe and dark…
    You should check the navy blue on Argentinean passports :S

  2. Great article! I have always loved the Swiss Franc. It is soo gorgeous and so easy to tell apart, unlike the Us $ ;-)
    proud owner of one of those “cute” passports! ;-)

  3. I have to think (after reading the article) that the use of “cute” was a translation error and that the writer was looking for a word that meant clever, accessible and functional as well as attractive. In foreign language dictionaries “cute” is often defined in this way — though it is not how native English-speakers would use it.

    Cute aside, it was a very informative article and was correct to write glowingly about Swiss design (though I’m not sure the fruit bags are Swiss alone, I received these in France as well).

  4. Oh, cool! I haven’t seen a suisse stamp in a while! Thanks!

  5. Hi :>

    I loved the article.

    The right link for the post, IMHO, should be the article itself:

    so we won’t get lost, right? :)