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My humble workspace was featured on today’s tech apartment therapy. Thank you Kelly!

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  1. we have the same ball/chair and screensaver :)

  2. wow so minimal and sleek. nice.

  3. So that’s where the magic behind this site happens ?

  4. Where can I get that screen saver? I use the same ball. :) Strangely, I’ve come across a lot of people that use that ball as a chair. And I thought I was innovative.

  5. Which ball is that? I want one.

    You are right the smaller the desk the neater it is. I have a giant wierd comp desk and it soon gets piled up with a giant mess. LOL

  6. Yeah, where can you get that screensaver, I love it!

  7. do you sit on the ball? I have always wanted to do that!

  8. I believe I have that screensaver, which came directly from your site. =) I love the workspace and I agree about the wonders of living in NYC apartments.

  9. You have the same screen saver as me… cool!
    And the colour index… every designers bible. Love it.

  10. by the way… anybody looking for that screen saver can find it here:

  11. can i get that screen saver for pc? do you sell them on here?

  12. That Grey 65 CM gym ball from Reebok is only available in the UK …

  13. Actually, you can get that ball in the US. If you’ve taken an Ambien, you might somehow find yourself devouring that 80 count box of chewy chocolate chip granola bars dipped in half a jar of creamy organic peanut butter and chased with a liter of 100% all natural cran/apple juice which you’d picked up at Costco for your children’s lunch and, in a sweaty panic, succumbed to the hypnotic lure of a late night infomercial for Gunnar Peterson’s Core Secrets Fun-Damentals & Give Me 20 Set!

    Then, my friend, you’ll be the proud and happy owner of the best silver exercise/bounceball/work chair ever made.

  14. naaah no way I went into Costco once …never again ….shiver

  15. Good post though Dr.G

  16. My goodness, that’s the EXACT desk that I’ve been searching for for, like, ALL MY LIFE. I want. I hate living in Australia, where all the nice things you feature on your site are impossible to obtain. Gah!

  17. Hey! It’s my NY pad!

    I LOVE that poster.

    Can’t wait to see what you’ve done with “our” place, LDR… :)

  18. where can i get the metal file storage unit? Thanks.

  19. i like everything about that except for the drawer being on the left side instead of the right. (I assume you’re a lefty.) Especially that you kept it so simple.
    I’m pretty happy with my own currently evolving desk situation but whenever I think about upgrading, it’s in terms of adding more acreage and stuff, not less. Maybe I’m on the wrong track.

  20. love your workspace! i, too, use a silver exercise ball. . .picked mine up for about $12 at tjmaxx. i definitely need to get a smaller desk, great idea to keep clutter at bay.

  21. Me too are using the same screensaver!!!
    : )

  22. I like your white rug of circles!

  23. I love the white. I have heard of people sitting on exercise balls instead of chairs but I didn’t know people actually did it.

  24. deaktiviere deinen screensaver, spart strom und schenkt leben! vielen dank für deinen tollen blog.