usb keyholder


usb keyholder by gerry².

(via girlinthegreendress)

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  1. This is beautiful, and my first impression was to go buy thumb drives for all my keychains, but there’s a problem. You’d have to take the caps off to plug the keychains in. So you then have to store the caps somewhere separately, which isn’t very elegant. I might be willing to do that if the drives were accessible to my home network when you plugged them in. :-)

  2. That can’t be good for the usb key =/

  3. As Ana mentioned, this doesn’t account for flash drives that have caps. Also, you wouldn’t want to hang a keychain on this using a flash drive you actually used because they aren’t designed to be stressed that way – so you’d have to get a flash drive just to hang your keys, which seems like a pointless way to clutter up your keychain.

  4. I’d add a little shelf to hold the weight of the keys. This would be great for students or salesmen if this was functional. Give it a wireless connection so you can do whatever work you need to and save it. You would never forget it. But in the end it would be pointless. most if not all computers have USB ports that are easily accessable. And since there isn’t anyone that leaves their home without a set of keys, you would till never forget it.

  5. Screw the caps. Who needs the caps. This IS your cap.