100 Beste Plakate | european poster competition



Oh, I wish I could see this in person: 100 Beste Plakate. Yearly competition for the 100 best posters of germany, austria and switzerland. (site is in german only)

(via swiss legacy)

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  1. … oh it is not as good as it seems! The same names for ages (on top the whole family Troxler and 90 of 100 posters made by Fons Hickmann) – jury as winners. Very often pupils of the jury-members are in the competition. For me a strange and unbearable situation. Maybe some fresh faces would improve this stagnation!

  2. @cmyk: wrong.
    – there are s o m e names every year there, wich is OK, as in every other competition
    – every year there is a new jury as independent as a jury can be
    – members of the jury as winner: no! jry members give there posters for a special section in book and exhibition, see the books
    – fresh faces are every year there: the students you mentioned, but not necessarily students of members of the jury
    – even if there are students wich are students of one member of the jury you have four other mebers if the jury who are not teachers ofe this student

    Hermann Büchner, PR 100 best posters