Apple Needs a Nikon

Canon’s cameras are better because there’s Nikon — and vice-versa. Canon-vs.-Nikon arguments can get ugly, but in the end, they’re arguments about two companies that make great cameras and great lenses. Apple has no such rival.

Apple Needs a Nikon, by John Gruber

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  1. So the point seems to be that Apple doesn’t make good enough products because they have no rival? Huh?

    First, Apple is WAY behind in software sales (Microsoft) and still behind HP and Dell in hardware sales. So they have no competition?

    Secondly, he doesn’t think Apple makes good products?
    How many times does a company have to revolutionize the industry before this kind of comment goes away?

    Apple made the original Macintosh, the iMac, the iPod, the iPhone, iTunes Music Store. Do you think that if Apple had a “Nikon” that they could have done better than this?

  2. The author is incrrect when he states that Apple does not compete with Nintendo. Nintendo’s DS portable game platform goes head to head with iPhone gaming apps. (I wonder if there will ever be phones with 3D displays or stereo cameras?)