calling all swiss design bloggers


I am trying to compile a list of interesting SWISS design blogs. Copy your url into a comment below if your blog, or a blog you know and like fits the bill. Thank you!

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  1. hy tina!

    this is my blog:
    i´m a brazilian industrial designer and i talk about *almost* everything!
    ps: it´s in portuguese.

  2. sorry!!!
    i´ve just read the *swiss design blog*.

  3. Tina, I run, a design typography blog, and most of the work that I feature is based on many of the design principals founded and used by prominent Swiss graphic designers.

  4. Hey Tina, I’m blogging, working and living in Geneva. My blog is about the stuff that I see and that inspires me… some of it comes from your site ;) – –
    I also started a small other blog on photography – – which is not updated very often but both blogs really are meant as archives of my interests.
    Also, you might find some interest in the work of my friends from Lausanne at bread&butter – – with whom I used to work on the lift conference –
    Tout de bon.

  5. hi tina!

    i’m a graphic designer and illustrator from zurich, visiting your great blog frequently ; )

    i’m publishing my free works on
    and am always looking for interesting
    connections. and i love new york…; )
    would be great to be on your list! XXX

  6. a league of its own. büro destruct of course! more of a news page of their own stuff than a real blog though.

  7. Hi Tina,
    Here is a link to my blog about my illustration, illustrator friends and my life in the Catskills. As a kid, I would ride my bicycle on the runway of Zürich airport.
    I found quite a few interesting visual morsels on your fantastic site.


  8. I was born in Basel, 20 years ago, now I live in Spain. My blog (in spanish) is about design, specially industrial design, but I never have time to write!

    Love your work.

  9. And – do you know this one already?

  10. Hello Tina, from Switzerland but writing about things happening all over the world, see if you think that this applies to your “search”:

    And keep up the great work,

  11. Hello,

    Here is my blog about Home Design, Decoration, Design and Creation In France…

  12. I like yours.
    do you like mine?

  13. I like yours.
    do you like mine?

  14. Can I join this party ? :D


    your blog is one of my daily reads. mine is about design expos taking place in CH, apartments, design in general, furniture etc.

    Have a nice day !

  16. TINA…

    Lautaro from Argentina here!…

    te digo..

    in spanish. tu blog esta de re puta madre y es mi favorito.

    in english. your blog is really fuckin’ good and is my favourite one.



    PD: te saco muchas cosas y las linkeo

  17. Hello Tina, a graphic designer in Geneva writing (in french) about photography:
    All the best // e

  18. Hi Tina,
    Just came across your blog. Very interesting. Also saw that the A-dam blog from Hochparterre is already in. There is also one on New York. I am doing the one for Dubai.
    Some interesting posts you have. Keep up and talk to you later.

  19. hello,
    our 5-year-old blog just got a facelifting…
    the main focus is on product design – but there are no strict boundaries for us…
    have a look and let us know what you think.
    best, luzia