charly box


Spoil Fido with a picnic of his own, packed inside the durable Charly Box. Much like a canteen for campers, this simple design is a compact carrier for your pet’s food and water. Made of two halves, the Charlybox includes a two-liter canteen for fresh water, and two bowls for water and kibble. If I had a dog I wouldn’t mind using this at home… What a great gift for a designy dog owner. Charly Box, available at DWR.

(via substudio)

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  1. It also seems like a really useful thing to keep in your emergency kit!

  2. great idea! tried to find designer but not readily out there. there is another “charlybox” = ugly window boxes.

  3. omg my name is charley!

  4. ou peut acheter un Charly box
    cest génial!!!