looking for a step stool?


My latest contribution to Nesting, a Cookie Magazine blog is covering the world of Step Stools.

1. Peanut Stools from Nest, $ na

2. Boon Potty and Step Stool, $29.99

3. Baby Bjorn Safe Step, $18.00

4. Surf Board Step Stool, $90

5. Step Stool with Storage, $24.99

6. IKEA Step Stool, $2.99

7. EVA Stool, $119

8. Sit Step from Offi, $69.99

9. Grain Slice Step Stool, $89

10. Ladybug Step Stool, $59.95

11. Land of Nod Step Stool, $39.00

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  1. this is such an important topic for parents of small children! mod*tot uses my adult-size step ladder we call her “stairs” + it has 3 steps. it works really well, because she gets up high + it has handles on the side.
    i got it at target way before i was even pregnant with her. it’s so cute, it has hot pink steps + a shiny chrome base.

  2. my wife and I are “little people”, so we have a very close relationship with our stools. We have 5 of them in our kitchen lining the counter so we can just step from one to another. The ones we prefer aren’t pictured here…they’re just basic, square, wood ones with a handle in the middle. the height is just right, they’re easy to pick up and move around with one hand, and don’t look out of place with our decor.

    of these shown #1 & #9 look like ones I might be interested in

  3. I have two of number 6.
    It’s just great!

  4. So the final bullet on number two says “Large, sturdy bench can support up to 300 lbs.” FOr all of those 300lb toddlers learning to potty train.
    I like the product but that spec. seems a bit needless.


  5. I went through two step stools before finding one that was not prone to tipping by a misplaced foot (they need some good depth to them). #6 IKEA served us well as a potty step and the #5 Target step is still in service as a bathroom sink step.