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The post-industrial revolution is changing the way products are created, traded and distributed. Now everyone can engage in the manufacturing process through their PCs – bringing personal manufacturing of individualized products to the masses. Ponoko is the world’s first personal manufacturing platform. It’s the online space for a community of creators and consumers to use a global network of digital manufacturing hardware to co-create, make and trade individualized product ideas on demand. The ponoko.com marketplace connects creators, consumers, digital manufacturing hardware and service providers to promote, make and trade products on Ponoko and social networking websites.

(Thank you Matthew)

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  1. Kind of neat, but Ponoko seems like a really elaborate solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.

    On the manufacturing side, designers already know where they can get materials laser-cut, etched, or rapid prototyped. And all the technology is getting cheaper, so if you can’t find a 3D printer near you today, you’ll be able to buy your own next year.

    On the sales side, there are already quite a few marketplaces for designer-made products, many of which are often linked to from this blog.

  2. Dave, that may be true of professional designers who have been in the industry long enough to establish such contacts, but for those on the outside who nonetheless have good ideas (yes, it’s possible) the more available sources for prototyping and production the better. Also, in my experience, professional designers aren’t eager to share those sources and I’m not about to buy my own 3D printer either.

  3. Sounds great for beginners in the manufactured market!

    Let´s try to make some good deals…:P if it really works, I´ll be back to tell you…

  4. Hi Tina, thanks for writing about Ponoko. We really appreciate it, we’re still in Beta stage but it’s great to have Designers discussing us. We are listening to you all. I think Dave makes a good point, and we totally believe that it won’t be long before we can all own laser cutters and 3D Fabbers, but we also think we can help the beginners and experienced Designers. The concept of distributed manufacturing is one that established Designers who are looking to provide solutions that are “greener” and with global reach can really get behind. And that the combination of the marketplace, design and distributed manufacturing will be a real bonus for all as well. Thanks again.