Typographic Pottery Marks


Typographic Pottery Marks.

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  1. Hi Tina

    Just came across this page. Nice! Wondered why you chose pottery marks – HEY! that’s my niche. I don’t mean this to sound spammy, but I have over 1000 pages of free information on my site:-

    my pottery marks pages.

    Dulyovo mark. For example, see the mark like a bird shape with the number 3 on it (in the middle of the graphic). Someone wrote in with a query with what that mark was and I didn;t know. Then I found it quite by accident. It is quite fun to see the right answer and compare that to my guesses when I found out.

    This thread is here:- Dulyovo Pottery Mark.



  2. sorry, I gave the wrong link to the Dulyovo page. Here’s the correct one:-

    correct link to the Dulyovo page

  3. What does the ‘M’ in # 13 mean? I bought a piece today at a yardsale and it has this mark on it.
    ~ DY

  4. Debbie

    If I am looking at the right one, there is no M in the marking.

    It is a modern mark of the Lomonosov factory

    Let’s look at the mark closely.

    The middle mark (which is here is written as two small side-by-side circles with a line running through it from top to bottom – a bit like our capital letter ‘Q’, only with a longer line in the centre) is the first letter of the Russian word for porcelain which is “farfor,” derived from the Arabic “Fakhfur”.

    This letter is in-between the two letters which look a bit like an ‘A’ and a ‘B’. In fact, they are Russian for ‘L’ and ‘Z’).

    So to translate the modern graphic device above from Russian, it says:-

    L F Z


    Lomonosov Farfor Zavod

    Translated as….

    Lomonosov Porcelain Factory

    There is more on this subject on my website:-

    Lomonosov Markings.

    Hope this helps


  5. Hi, I have a plate with what I believe is an “otter” marking on the back, in red outline. It looks very much like the bird, in the picture above these comments. There are also numbers, 49 above the otter and 1C-U35-J0 below it. Could you please tell me what the marking mean or where the plate came from.

  6. Peter: Thank you for your input… however… I should have been more specific. I was referring to #13 on the black penned markings… above the color ‘logo’ type ones.

    This M marking is on an urn I bought. It’s about a foot tall… maybe 10 inches around at the base. It looks as if burlap has been wrapped around it while the clay was still soft. A lovely dark brown color with a large piece of clay over lap on one side. (Looks like the potter roller out a piece of clay… like cookie dough and wrapped it around the entire piece… leaving the overlap edge natural… unfinished. Then wrapped the whole thing in burlap to give the pattern. It’s quite heavy.. and a lovely piece. I’d love to find out more about it… and how old it could be.

    I could send you a picture if you give me contact info.

    Thank you… Debbie

  7. wow what a useful page came accross it by mistake though anita west wales

  8. I am trying to identify a pottery set which was given to my mother by an elderly lady in about 1945, consisting of a round tray 28.5 cms in diameter, a teapot, 2cups, 2 saucers, 2 plates in an all-over floral design in shades of pink. The bottom is marked with a blue circle 1.7cms diameter with a fish in the centre, letter M above and N below.Above the circle – “Peint a la main”, and below NYON. There is an impressed letter G and a number 3 next to it but the 3 is on its back. I have owned this set for about 50 years and have never been able to identify it. Your interesting site looks promising.
    Thankyou so much.

  9. Hi, I have a small dish I think it is from the 1920’s and Swiss Pottery. It is dark brown glossy glaze, with a ribbon pattern along the rim in white with dr. brown lines, White stippling and dot patterns in a row with a x in each one in brown to imitate the bottom of ?? berries?? There is a highly stylized plant form in the bottom of the dish with touches of lt. brown, dark brown, white and green. The bottom of the bowl was incised under the glaze with this inscription’ Steffisburg ( the bottom tail of the lower case g was brought back across under the word Steffisburg to underscore the name.) Above that is a makers mark that I have been researching for this morning for 2 hrs. with no luck. It is a decorative script capital ‘S’ that curves over with an extra loop in the top of the curve of the ‘S’ and the bottom of the curve of the ‘S’. The S initial is straight up and down not italicized. It is more than double the size of the initial below which is a capital ‘H’ or a Capital ‘A’ with part of the bottom curve of the capital ‘S’ making the top of the capital ‘A’ so they touch. Size of dish- dia. 4 1/2 ” top rim. Bottom tapering to 2 1/4″. Height of dish1 3/8″ Great site, and Thanks alot for any information you can give me.

  10. hi i have a little statue of an old man fishing and it only has the letter z on the bottom i cant seem to find out any info , please could you help :)