urban wall graphics


Wall Graphics. Beautiful.

(via BBlinks)

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  1. Hej! You’ve got a very very interesting blog, fit for a cat! Some of them made me roll and laugh (when no one’s watching!)… :)
    Have you come across http://itsknotwood.blogspot.com/? It is not so much into brain-boggling-mind-juggling things like you have here, but the concept is quite intriguing. Have fun!

  2. Hi! I love these sticker inventions, 2 weeks ago didn’t know they even existed. Can’t believe how many people make designs in such a technique. BTW my blog has gone thru quite a big change: now in english and with continuos daily updates of great designs and curious finds. Hope you find it useful. Thanks for the good times, Tina.
    Señorita Puri

    PS.- nice blog (K)not wood.

  3. very cool idea