I can’t wait until our little Ella Joy is old enough to enjoy a LIKEaBIKE Mountain – German Walking Bike. All my friend’s that have little ones swear by it. I wouldn’t mind having an adult size version of it…

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  1. We’ve had one for Erin for a couple of months now…all I can say is don’t be too disappointed if the little one doesn’t take to it right away. So far, it’s not been all that we’d hoped it would be and are thinking that if it doesn’t work out to be “fun” after another couple of months then we’ll go straight to a bike that has pedals for locomotion. She’s envious of the pedalers out there and the likeabike has been sub-optimal to our expectations so far. :-/

    All dressed up and excited to ride the bike, yet we still like going to the bocci courts more…

  2. I had never seen these while living in the US, but as soon as I moved to Amsterdam a few years ago they are all over the place. Is this just a European thing? Or did they get popular just as I moved here?

  3. Beware of spinal problems if your child develops a rolling walk (from side to side) while using one of these. Though the jury may be out on the long term effects, the cautious money is with those that think that these are only safe for moderate use. Children that use them often may be more at risk. Walking around with one of these between your legs 24/7 is not a natural position for a child’s supple bones (obviously).

  4. wait, has the jury even been called to duty? I’ve been following the Like-A-Bike and its knockoffs for several years now, and I’ve never heard a single mention of spinal problems or “supple bones.”

    In the absence of any actual data, or even anecdotal cases of problems, it seems needlessly inflammatory to get worked up about the dangers posed by an entirely unrealistic situation like a 2-yo riding a bike “24/7”.

  5. I showed the Like-A-Bike to a friend a year ago and he immediately picked one up for his son. Graydon loves it and proudly tells everyone that it’s his bike.

  6. I swear I saw a knock-off version of this at Ikea a few months ago. I can’t seem to find it on the website (no surprise) – I think it retailed for about $30, though it may have been more.

    Has anyone else seen this?

  7. Oops –

    It was at Target, I just found it. (You can understand from looking at it why I recalled it being from Ikea -)

  8. I saw a kid with this bike in Park Slope, I was so jealous!

  9. Spinal problems and supple bones? ROTFL!!! How about: beware of emotional, social, ethical, political and professional problems if your child thinks that anything s/he touches involves the risk of irreversible deviation measured against non-existent norms.

  10. I snatched up the Target version for a mere $20. It looks just like the Like a Bike and my Sophie loves it!

  11. Mandy, regarding biking with your 18 month old, we’ve really liked the likabike Pink:
    do you prefered the nature or the Pink bike ?