Philippe Starck: Why design?

Legendary designer Philippe Starck — with no pretty slides behind him — spends 18 minutes reaching for the very roots of the question “Why design?” Along the way he drops brilliant insights into the human condition; listen carefully for one perfectly crystallized mantra for all of us, genius or not. Yet all this deep thought, he cheerfully admits, is to aid in the design of a better toothbrush.

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  1. Wow, that was great. I think my favorite part – other than Starck’s great take on how life was created – was his jacket.

    Thanks for sharing Tina.

  2. F’n fantastic.

  3. Philippe, please. Stop design. Please.

  4. I’m a TEDtalk podcast addict… thanks for supporting my habit. Geesh :)

  5. I was lucky enough to see that, and talk with him afterwards. It was amazing to meet a designer dressed worse than I am, and to hear him fight the corner for the French as biggest joke foreign accents, a title previously held jointly by the English and the Swiss (Germans).

  6. Yeah, he couldn’t be any more entertaining.

    Now if I could just get him to do something about this fossil watch face that scratches if someone looks at it hard….

    Ah well, that jacket more than makes up for it.