US army soldier aming at donkey


A US army soldier aims at a donkey in a farmyard in Iraq’s volatile Diyala region.

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  1. Not to be all fundy or anything, but could he be aiming at what he suspects to be a IED (improvised exploding donkey)?

  2. poor donkey. i hope he didn;t put the trigger.

  3. Now who looks like the ass! I hope the little guy was spared.


  4. He’s standing awfully close to that IED.. Maybe he hears it ticking.

  5. I guess when you’ve killed all the people, you have no choice but to start killing off the animals.
    Merry Christmas America!

  6. Rob, you are an idiot.

    … (from REUTERS) “IRAQI security forces patrolling near the Iranian border found six donkeys carrying dozens of high-explosive anti-tank mines, the US military said.”

  7. That donkey could be an IED as insurgents often use them as carriers.