bikestand + airpump


A bikestand with integrated airpump. The product has been conceived for an art project in Ypenburg (a newly build neighborhood in the Netherlands). The goal of the project is to stimulate interaction between neighbors, while pumping their tires. It is made out of polished stainless steel and its shininess makes a great contrast to the grey pavement.

Mr.Bloomberg, NYC needs these.

(thank you TJ)

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  1. These would be great in NYC. Wake up Bloomy! I do love the beautiful typography on the window.

  2. Before I clicked on the link, I thought it was a kickstand/air pump; now that would be handy.

  3. Link to is broken.

    (feel free to delete this after fixing)

  4. i lov holland! i just returned from my first visit there, they’re so thoughtful and well designed in their everyday objects. felt truly happy there, it’s the simple things that count!

  5. Thx Tina for posting!