Can you fall in love with a lamp?


The Brazo Table & Floor Lampicon by designer Pablo Pardo is making me look. Constructed of aluminum and glass, it can adjust 360 degrees for the most optimal lighting angle. The Brazo lamp comes with a high output, energy efficient LED lightbulb and a full-range dimmer.

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  1. if i’ve learned something from watching movies is that lamp love is socially acceptable.

  2. $450 for a lamp R U Crazy?

  3. For a good lamp, that’s definitely a price I am willing to pay. Call me crazy. I have seen this lamp at my ‘crazy aunt hugi’s’ place and it’s solid.

  4. HA! We just got our shipment for our office!They are spectacular. Very high quality manufacture and materials quality as well as very pleasing light quality. It’s nice when your expectations are actually exceeded.

    Also, the designer discount from our rep brought the price very nicely down to earth.

  5. yay! we carry that lamp at the store where i work… it is gorgeous.

  6. For $450 it better be more than solid …it better tapdance when I ask it to.