giant napkin dispenser


giant napkin dispenser. made me look. what’s the story behind this?

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  1. When McDonald’s Sweden launched their “Big ‘N’ Juicy” burger, they retrofitted these gigantic dispensers (with real, giant, recycled napkins) on certain ‘euro-size’ poster ads in Stockholm.

  2. take a look over at adgoodness (‘n’-juicy.html ). some kind of ad for the big’n’juicy

  3. So not only are McDonald’s trying to get the rest of the world as fat as us, they’re also trying to make them as wasteful as us? Awesome!

  4. Yeah I saw that too… Here some more good marketing ideas that Mickey Dee’s has been using these days…

  5. Ahh the “Big and Tastes like polystyrene”
    There’s some great marketing out of there, so kudos to the company that got the commission.
    Shame McD’s don’t spend a bit of cash on making the meat taste like meat.

  6. a waste of paper…

  7. Disposable table cloth?