Living Patterns


Living Patterns

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  1. wow thats amazing! i wish it showed more cities though..

  2. This is really nice, looks really amazing.

  3. I think this figure-grounds are stunning. Reminds me of early studio projects. I think they would make good art…or perhaps a table top.

  4. What we see here is how cities founded thousands of years ago (Barcelona, Copenhagen, London, Paris and Rome) retains the “original” distribution of the streets, the old cities defined by the old defensive walls. Newer cities founded only hundreds of years ago like NYC san Francisco etc, have a more ordenated distribution.

  5. This is so great — we all pretty much know the layout of different cities, but to see them together like this, they’re more like tile designs than cities. It becomes something else; it’s art.
    – Jessie –

  6. The old cities retain all their charms. San Francisco looks interesting. I would put the nine cities on a wall.

    For the tabletop suggested by momeld, it would be great if each city became a tablecloth.

  7. ahhhh! nolli maps… i love them, but they bring back haunting memories of architecture school. even though it would take ages, i would love to do a large version of a nolli map on a full wall.

    thanks for the inspiration.