Sustainable Social Swiss Design


These belt buckles are made out of old swiss bicycle license plates. (Yes, I had a bicycle with a license plate growing up!) Created by “Werkmal” an organization that is trying to help people on welfare find their way back into the job market. Read more

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  1. Oh fabulous! I had one with NE! ;-)

  2. Oh fabulous! I had one with NE! ;-)

  3. is there a way to buy one of these belts?

  4. The belts are quite pretty – one can buy them at the Saus & Braus ( store in Zurich.
    As a proud owner of one of their single-speeders myself, I’d like to point out Werkmals collection of fabulous refashioned bikes, too:

  5. proud owner ;-)
    was an excellent gift for my 30th b’day with my year of birth und bl standing for where i come from. excellent. cuts a little into your belly if getting fatter – in the same time prevents you from doing so…;-)

  6. OH OH, I need to get one right now… thank you Tina…

  7. I went to the website to buy one but for some reason the link isn’t working. Has the site changed?