The Feltron 2007 Annual Report


Nicholas Feltron posted his 2007 2007 Annual Report online. He’s proven, once again, what a brilliant designer he is. Hat tip!

You can buy a print version of his report here. And a version of the 2006 report here.

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  1. I think this is more than brilliant design. The design communicates very simply and differently. The real twist is the information that’s being reported.

    The real beauty lies in this guy noting down every detail of his life all year, for his annual report. Can you tell me how many taxis, books, planes, miles, hours, etc you went through in 2007? That’s impressive :)


  2. can anybody help me with his typefaces?

    specifically the serif’d one with that beautiful i-n ligature?


  3. Chris,
    the serif typeface should be Kris Sowersby’s Feijoa (see

  4. Good work here indeed.