Back Room Wall Phone


The telephone returns to its old home on the wall with this classic Back Room Phone, modeled after mid-1950’s designs, but updated with a bunch of modern features. Features include: push button technology, with rotary styling; flash/redial; tone/pulse switch; ringer volume on/off switch; earpiece volume control.

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  1. I always thought the best thing about old phones was the sound. They gave a big strong ring, because they had an ACTUAL BELL inside!

    All the digital beeps and chimes of modern phones just can’t match it.

  2. It’s pretty underrated that these big clunky analog phones actually provided really great voice quality. They may have lacked today’s modern “features” but the phone call itself sounded great.

    And they could be used as weapons, as we’ve seen in countless movies. Throwing a mobile handset doesn’t have the same impact.

    These folks need to make a red phone like the ones used during the Cold War to call Moscow. Maybe with a lift-up panel to get the numbers, since those of course only had the one button. That would be hot.