carla nuis jewelery



carla nuis. stunning.

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  1. luv the lace detail of the top one — just beautiful!
    – Jessie –

  2. I have fallen in love with the top peice, was wondering if it is in white gold and available for purchase?

  3. lovely.

  4. I would love the top lace one for my wedding ring,is it available for purchase internationally? I’m located in Borneo,Malaysia.

  5. I got the top one for my wedding ring. It is gorgeous and perfect. I got it from a vendor in new york – charon kransen arts for about $1600. Charon is wonderful and sent me multiple sizes so that I could verify which one was best. I can’t remember exactly what the price was. Just know that it is a very wide ring.

  6. Hi I like the golden lace one on the top is it available? If yes how much ?