Le Houellebecq

Le Houellebecq
by freemk

I miss hearing/speaking french. (sigh) Maybe I should find myself a french speaking intern?

(via swisslegacy)

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  1. If you can get to Chicago, you can go to Alliance Francaise de Chicago’s Festival de la Francophonie. Check out http://www.af-chicago.org.

  2. Michel Houellebeccq is a french great autor. This video is a best of sentence about his books. It doesn’t mean any special things. It’s just graphicaly sensual as his books. Great video work

  3. Le français n’est pas ma langue (je ne sais pas le parler ou l’écrire sans des erreurs) mais j’aime beaucoup l’écouter :)

  4. More information about this after effect animation by Freemk (french student).
    A Fabrice Luchini speech (French comedian)


  5. I’m sorry, but as rich as Luccini’s speaking can be, this video work is really really poor. We’ve already seen this kind of graphic system a billion times, and this one does not bring any new idea. and above all, it uses all the preset word animations of after effects, wich means that the research work behind the animation is poor as well.
    No, please bow in front of Luccini (which french speaking is really great) but not in front of this video.
    (“queen oren ishii” is much better by the way)

  6. I am French by the way.ActuallyIt is motion typography rendition of a popular french actor called Fabrice Luchini making a descriptive monologue about the contemporary author Michel Houellebecq.