paper or plastic?


For those of that have put the few seconds to think about whether to choose plastic or paper, and which is better, this WashingtonPost article can answer that for you.

(thank you dana)

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  1. Right after i read this i was watching episodes of the MAKE: Magazine podcast. I thought you might find this video interesting:

  2. Have you ever tried to convince someone to think about using and re-using the plastic/paper bags? It is very simple in words, the facts are obvious, everyone agrees and nods vigorously *yes!yes!I care!* but it seems an unsormountable obstacle to turn words into facts. Too easy, too handy having the bags from the shop instead than remembering to keep them in your car or office or pick a bunch from home when you go shopping.
    Anyway, who would think that a plastic bag is less environment-impacting than a paper bag? A good subject to keep in mind.
    And thanks Brian for your suggestion. This girl is an example to everybody who cares for our planet’s future. Check her creations and also the first-steps-into-plastic-bag-crocheting. Illuminating!

  3. Heres a better idea. Invest in canvas shopping bags. They’re everywhere and once in the habit of using them are really easy too. I have four, two large and 2 small. I am not a very organized person, so as soon as I unload my shopping, I put them back in the car.
    Six years now, no paper or plastic.