sahre, victore, wilker: a (graphic) design workshop in NYC


sahre, victore, wilker: a (graphic) design workshop in NYC. monday july 21st through saturday july 26, 2008 at the Art Directors Club. Check out the fairly amusing and experimental webiste: While I do appreciate the playfulness with the navigation (it took me 2 minutes to figure out how to get to the individual section content) it does drive me crazy that it’s all flash and I can’t copy and paste… ugh!

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  1. Great! Now there is no chance of me going now that the Swiss Miss has blown it up. j/k

  2. I was on this site a couple of days back (link from designobserver) and was totally disgusted with the interface and navigation. So this is a site for three famous designers running a workshop, I already knew that, so all I wanted was to get the basic info (rates, timing etc) and it takes you 5 clicks to get there and read that information. if good design is about clear communication I see no reason to be there at this site

  3. I thought the navigation was clever! It made me think.