a serious toy


OPPS are Global Warning Toys and there are four characters in the group. First is “Bhzt” – which wants to come in at night an unplug all your electronics cause he has a serious electricity addiction. Second is “Spsh” – he is here to add a little green to your home. He is a planter in waiting. Third is “Blug” – he makes you think about your water consumption. Lastly is ” Hunh” – he is the strongest of the group. They claim he can actually stop a car. Just place this under your wheels and bike to work.

Via Jennifer of minor details who I had the pleasure to meet yesterday! In the middle of our lunch conversation I screamed, pointed to her index finger and said: THE TATOO! I completely forgot that she’s the lady with the ingenious moustache tatoo. I posted about it a while back here. (please note: I am NOT into tatoos at all, but this, is fabulous!)