chapi chapo

I just had a lovely lunch with fellow blogger Jennifer from Minor Details and she bought back sweet memories of Chapi Chapo. How did I forget about these two? (Thanks for lunch JW!)

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  1. the pleasure was all mine! until next time…

  2. Music by François de Roubaix. A genius!!!
    He also made some movie soundtracks like this one…

    And this one, my favourite…

  3. Oh! I used to love these little guys!

    A few years ago, at my parents house, I found my childhood favorite pillow – my Chapi Chapo pillow!
    I’m keeping it now…

    Tks for this post (and your blog!)


  4. Man that is so long ago! But when I heard the tune it all came back. Did they play this in the US to or is it European?