I am now the proud owner of a green Nooka!


My friend Matthew Waldman came over for dinner last night. I was happy to get to see him and catch up. But wow, lucky me, he brought me a gift, one of his amazing Nookas! Hooray! I am now proudly sporting a green Nooka on my left arm. Thank you Matthew.

Check out his entire Collection! Get yourself one, here.

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  1. I have the same watch but in black and a different setup. I freakin’ love it.

  2. Je préfère les montres suisse mécanique, c’est vraiment de l’art pour moi.Même si cella est bien sympa :D

    -Swiss Boy-

  3. Wow, that watch looks big on your wrist. I think that makes it even better.

  4. Very, very jealous. I’ve been thinking about getting one for a while now, but deciding which style and colour is prooving difficult. That, and I’d quite like to see them and try them on before buying.

  5. Oui c montres sont vraiment super, G achete la dernier version camo en multi color , elles sont dispo aussi en Europe directement du distributeur Francais http://www.xceptionalwatch.com/nooka , C un ami , contactez Claude , et dite lui que vous venez de la part de Jean

  6. I would love one of these! A white one…..I will need to start saving now! ;)