JAPAN vs. UK: PingMag’s Desk Project!


You know this familiar situation: every time you visit an office, you are curious to see how creative folks and artists actually work; how your dream job’s desktop would look like… Creative inspirations cluttered all over or structured order of mind on a neat desktop? Out of curiosity, Pingmag randomly sent an e-mail to people they’ve interviewed before, to friends and others asking, “Can I see your desk?” Guess how many they have received! Interestingly, most answers arrived from United Kingdom and Japan.

JAPAN vs. UK: PingMag’s Desk Project!

(via core77)

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  1. Nice, always funny and interesting to see other peoples workspaces… I can’t really remember where I found this site, but I guess I found it on a blog, might even have been on SwissMiss :-) but here we go… a site where people upload and rate creative workspaces…