photoshop disasters


A blog dedicated to Photoshop Disasters. Endless fun.

(thank you red)

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  1. really hilarious! thanks for sharing! (:

  2. really hilarious! thanks for sharing! (:

  3. hahaha! Too funny.

  4. omg- that’s kills me!- hillarious (not that I’ve ever done that… er…) ;-)

  5. What a novel idea that blog is. N00bs ;)

  6. Haha. It’s really cool :)

  7. haha! this is funny :))

  8. two thumbs up on this one, i second all the “hilarious!” comments!

  9. OK, THAT JUST MADE MY NIGHT! REMINDS me of the movie “The Grudge” haha

    Jen Ramos
    ‘100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards’

  10. I am also laughing with you. I have to check the site. Thanks for the fun

  11. That was a good one! Thanks for the laugh :-)

  12. So, so funny. Made me laugh.

    A little like a hand brooch.

  13. or I should say- a ‘shoulder brooch’