green dimes helps you stop junk mail


For a meager $20 GreenDimes promises to take me (and up to 8 other names at your address) off junk mail lists far and wide, including credit card offers, bank offers, and charitable solicitations. According to the blogs, users proclaim that they now go several days without receiving any mail at all.The only thing they can’t do is stop mail from companies I already have a relationship with, but this does not include catalogs. They can stop those at any time for no extra charge! In fact, they’ll even plant a tree for every catalog you cancel. Do you really need any more incentive? Stop Junkmail for Good

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  1. For catalogs, use catalog choice – for free.

  2. Love this service… got it for friends and family for holiday gifts after I signed up. Works so well and they have a catalog service once you sign up. All the feedback I’ve gotten is that it works great. Win-win considering we hate junk mail and it’s green :)

  3. it is free for people in the uk. i think it is called mail preference service. Who wants endless catalogues and ads through the door? We have the INTERNET!

  4. I just signed up! Now if only we could get something similar for our inboxes.

    I keep checking the spam button, and unsubscribing, but those suckers keep coming back.

  5. I just signed-up too. Thanks for the information.