Solio Solar Charger


When on-the-go power is key, plug into the Solio Solar Charger for a green boost of planet-friendly juice! Hybrid design combines an ultra-efficient solar panel with a rechargeable battery, for reliable performance in a sleek and rugged case, complete with a carabiner for portability. Comes with interchangeable charging tips, for use with a variety of devices, including iPods and most mobile phones.

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  1. I love it! What a great idea.

  2. that is sooo cool. maybe there is a easier-to-get-a-hand-on-version available in our local “mediamarkt”.

  3. wow, so smart and at a reasonable cost.

  4. i looked into these a lot when i was thinking of attaching my TomTom to my bike, and how i would power it after it’ 2 +/- battery would die. They also make another version which is larger but fans out with 3 blades. More solar panels to suck in those rays and you can suction it to a car window etc.

    the downside… most of the reviews i read said they were pretty sketchy and didn’t work as wonderfully as advertised.

  5. I love the idea, I love the design, I hug nature… I guess I’m about to buy the darn little toy!

    Thank’s for dropping it in here…

    @Fenke: didn’t find it at “mediamarkt” but “saturn” on Düsseldorf’s Kö had it.