Tea over Ice


Tea-Over-Ice, a new and visually stunning concept from Tea Forté. The architectural dual Tea-Over-Ice pitchers, designed by Hewitt, are crafted from hand blown, heat resistant glass. Designed to stack on top of one another, the top pitcher brews the hot tea while the lower pitcher holds the ice for flash-chilling. This system affords a boldly original, yet uncomplicated, tableside presentation. Tea-Over-Ice re-imagines the iced tea experience allowing you to brew fresh, flavor-forward iced teas using Tea Forté’s signature pyramid-shaped infuser and then flash-chill them instantly. Nice!

(thank you andrew)

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  1. It looks beautiful. Unfortunately due to the annoyances of some physics laws, the hot tea will not really get cold…..

  2. Hey this is a nice idea ! I also hate the fact that ice often waters down the flavor of the tea, so this is perhaps perfect.

  3. This is excellent! The restaurant I’m working might actually love this idea! Thanks Tina!

  4. @Michele & @Zana – I think you may misunderstand the product. While the pitchers stack for display and effect, that is not how the tea is chilled. The hot tea is flash-chilled when you pour it over the ice once it is done steeping; the bottom pitcher becomes a service pitcher for 24oz. of iced tea. The teas are specially blended to be chilled, and the infusers hold enough tea to brew a nice strong liquor which is then diluted perfectly by the melted ice.

    Full disclosure: I work at Tea Forte. Thank you for the coverage Tina! I’m glad you like our product, we are very excited about it.

  5. Hi andy!I read your comment recently and send an email to your sales adress.Unfortunately I got no answer. Im working for an advertising agency in Austria(Europe).We would like to resell your product in the online shop of the biggest tea producer in Austria.It would be nice if you could take care about my inquiery.
    thanks a lot


  6. I really enjoy your sweet diet Ice Tea and recommened to many of our friends. My question is I normally shop at Buehlers in Wadsworth Ohio. Went in today and their was none and something else was in your normal area. I am hoping this is only because of out until next delivery. Is that correct? In the past I have looked at Giant Eagle and Wallmart and have not able to find as your locator says for zip 44281. hopefully you are going to continue at Buehlers. Thank –