meet my fab team.


The project I am currently working on entails daily touch point video conferencing calls. The funny part, Chris Eli, standing in the background, realized on today’s call that I am swissmiss, the blogger. His reaction was priceless and made me blush.

UPDATE: Eli runs a beautiful (!) site and posted about today’s encounter. read it here.

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  1. it was a pleasure “meeting” you today. Until the next check-in :)

  2. I would say it would be cool to change some words with you too some day…

  3. That is funny! I went to Eli’s site! Pretty funny! “Oh She is Famous!” Love that line!

  4. That is HILARIOUS. I love it. Totally made me giggle.

  5. Fun! Video chatting is quite fun. I had “dinner” with my family via ichat the other day. quite nerdy indeed!

  6. Heehee! You’re famous…

    I have to say, you have one of the best smiles I’ve ever seen in that screenshot!