question for my readers: a printer in new zealand


One of my current clients is based in Auckland, New Zealand and I need to find a local printer for business cards etc. Dear Kiwi-Print-Designers, do you have a printer recommendation for me? Thank you SO much! Waving from the other side of the planet!

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  1. Hi Tina,

    I use Geon in Auckland, they’re not the cheapest but they’re good:

    My account manager is John Olding – need someone to press pass?

  2. Wow. How old is that map? It’s awesome!

  3. I’m not sure they have the internet in NZ yet Tina…


  4. I’ve sent a lot of work to Jim Bonner at Graphic Press and been extremely happy with the results: +64 6 368 2177.

  5. Hey, I use to use they’re pretty dam good and really well priced.

  6. OK, I can’t help with printers in Auckland as I’m down in Dunedin (near the bottom), but I do want to comment on that map – it’s awesome!

    I know that names will have been chosen for clarity of layout as much as accuracy, but there’s some pretty interesting choices going on here, eg…

    Orawia! (Down the bottom, near Invercargill)…. which has has, approx 44 people in it.

    Other choices I wonder about:
    Whataroa (405 people)
    Ross (~300)
    Waiau (252)
    Little River (520)

    (numbers via stats nz)

    Im sure Queenstown (a fairly important tourist town here) will be disappointed to lose out to Kingston (claim to fame: being close to Queenstown). The North Island isn’t quite so bad, but Marton & Morrinsville will be pleased to make the grade.


  7. Hi!

    I can’t recommend anything in Auckland, but Rainbow Digital ( in Wellington was always a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended!

    Grüessli :-)

    Yeah, and that is quite a map… I didn’t even know we had that kind of railway network, perhaps we should start using them? :-P

  8. Hi
    NZ is pretty small, lots of designers use printers all over the country as they have different specialities. I’m in Auckland and sometimes use Spectrum Print in Christchurch, they are happy to use vegetable and soy based inks if you’d like them to, and have won several of our print awards. Their website is Not the cheapest, but good quality :-)

  9. I use
    They did excellent printing for my business cards – they got my orange and lime green gradients exactly the way I wanted (with no special colors!)
    Their basic package includes nice thick card stock with a neat matte finish – you hardly need the fancier options.
    Suggest trying branches other than Khyber Pass/Newmarket as those guys are swamped.

  10. You could use Panprint,
    Ask for John. If he’s back from holiday he’s a fantastic english guy with high standards and an eye for detail.

    Pressprint are good as well, very thorough.

    Both are Auckland based.

  11. Hi Tina,

    We are based in Golden Bay (near Nelson) in the South Island but use printers in Nelson, Blenheim, and Christchurch. I recommend Blenheim Print. They might seem low-key but they are always available to answer questions and liaise on a job and make you feel like you’re the most important client whenever you deal with them.

    Good luck.

  12. – have used them loads of times, really good, with outlets all over the place.

  13. For big business card printing, Geon or McCollums are great… or for a smaller, possibly less expensive job, Print Express in Kingsland is very good.

  14. Hello hello, i can jack you up with a fella in a sunny little place called the Bay of Plenty. He’s a great bloke and always has time to spin a good yarn. Fire me an email if you are still searching for the perfect printer man, or if you just want to say kia ora.

    Cheers, Jordan

  15. imago is a really nice friendly printer in auckland :p ps i love this site its really wonderful. makes me smile. Aidan