question for my readers: what would you ask michael bierut?


Lovely Debbie Millman just emailed me with a fun request:

“I will be interviewing Michael Bierut at the HOW conference next week in Boston and he came up with an idea that I would like to undertake. He thought it might be fun to solicit questions from people *before* the interview via the design community blogs and I was wondering if you might be able to assist us by posting a “request for questions” on Swiss Miss.

I have interviewed Michael on Design Matters, and in my book (wherein he waxes sentimental about his passion for folding laundry), so the more inventive the questions, the better! (and the more personal!!!)
: )

In the request, folks can send the questions to [email protected]

So, lovely readers, if you could ask Michael Bierut ONE question, what would it be? Email it to Debbie and please also add it as a comment below.

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  1. Funny, I just had an opportunity last weekend. I think I spotted him at the George Lois exhibit at MoMA.

  2. Question: What did you think of the exhibit?

  3. Do you art-direct your wife when she takes pictures?

  4. came up with a fun one:
    “If you could design your own underpants, how would they look and to which occasion would you wear them?”

  5. “Before you became a designer, what different jobs did you have throughout your life, and looking back did any of these specific experience contribute to you being a better designer.

    I think it is interesting to see what people did before the designed.

    Side note: Although probably not possible, I’d love to listen in on the interview in person. It’s going to be my first HOW conference.

  6. Albeit a tad bit morbid, what message would you want on your epitaph? (And obviously, set in what typeface!)

  7. What is you absolute guaranteed dance-floor-filler track you play as a DJ?

  8. What one childhood memory sticks out amongst the rest?

  9. What would happen if you threw a boomerang in space?

  10. What New York City public design project do you see and say: “I could have done SO much better than that.”? (I can think of several I wish you had designed, starting with the new “NYC” logo, the taxis, the NYC condom packaging and campaign…)

  11. How often do you have to tell people that your surname is spelled with the “i before the e” and that it’s not like the city in Lebanon?

  12. My question for Michael Bierut: What Blogs do you read? I sometimes wonder when I see a comment online that says it is from “Michael Bierut” if it is actually him. With so much on one man’s plate, I can not imagine where he finds the time….but if he does, I think it is fantastic he is taking the time to be active in the online community.

  13. Hi, I live in italy and I’m reading one of Beirut books, “79 short essays on design”, and my question is: “Can I work for you?” because i like his geat projects and i want really leave my country now! :)


  14. why are you such a hack?