swissmiss exclusive: Hillman Curtis’ latest movie: Lawrence Weiner


Hillman just walked over to my desk, pointing me to his latest movie, featuring Lawrence Weiner. How exciting to, yet again, have another exclusive HC sneak premiere! YAY!

Debbie Millman called Hillman to film this one – she originally wanted to have Lawrence on her “Design Matters” podcast, but he wasn’t so interested in a phone interview. Since she had the opportunity to show up at Weiner’s studio she asked Hillman along and it became a joint – Design Matters/Artist Series – production.

Fabulous! I think I’d like to see more collaboration happening between Debbie and Hillman!

NEW ARTIST SERIES: LAWRENCE WEINER : A short documentary on the conceptual Artist, Lawrence Weiner View Lawrence Weiner

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  1. Such an interesting man.. and as with all the Hillman Curtis videos, you just don’t want it to end!

    Looking through the site, I realize how many of the Hillman Curtis mini-documentaries I’m able to remember so vividly.. I especially loved the four illustrators sitting around the breakfast table talking about Steven Heller — top notch recommendation if you haven’t seen it yet

  2. A “joint effort” to say the least! Excellent nonetheless.

  3. You should add a link to the music listed in the credits —
    I’m listening to a selection now, how great!

  4. This is a great little video, but having it load and play automatically every time I visit the main page is getting a bit old.

  5. Thanks for being awesome and responsive!