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One of the projects, Destroy Flickr, that I was judging at the 2008 Adobe Achievement Awards last friday, had all of us interactive judges jump up and say “Fantastic! Where can I download it?!” I had to keep telling myself hat this was STUDENT work! Wow!

DestroyFlickr explores alternative methods for viewing and sharing Flickr content. Its user interface provides an environment that benefits photos rather than hindering them. With the ability to look at a photo on a dark, neutral background, you can view it without the interference of a brighter surrounding. By using workspaces and canvases, DestroyFlickr is able to retain a constant history of where you have navigated, offering the ability to revisit an area without the need to reload the entire page. DestroyFlickr takes advantage of features provided by the Adobe AIR SDK that are unavailable to web-based RIAs. With the support of both drag and drop uploading and downloading, posting and saving photos is done in one easy motion. Now you can download the highest resolution version of a photo without having to see it first—just drag a thumbnail to the download menu and the download begins.

Download it here: Destroy Flickr (the name really bugs me though, ‘enhance flickr’ would be much more appropriate)

Your Flickr Experience will never be the same! Hat tip and thank you Jonnie Hallman!

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  1. “on a dark, neutral background, you can view it without the interference of a brighter surrounding”

    Actually black, grey or white are all neutral, wouldn’t you agree? Some pictures are benefited by darker backgrounds, some by brighter, but overall unless you are browsing through the web on a dark room (no pun intended, heh..), I tend to prefer white backgrounds.

    How many galleries do you know with black walls?

    I also believe “destroy flickr” is much more catchy and creates a very interesting play and ambivalence. I’m sure the author wanted to imply the word “destroy” means precisely “enhance” in here.

  2. This looks great and is nice to use in practice. Thanks!

  3. To Destroy is to Conquer. Congratulations, Jonnie!

  4. Very cool! But I agree, Destroy sounds too negative, like they want to take flickr down.

  5. I’m loving it. Very elegant and useful!

  6. Cool. Agreed on the name.