freddie yauner | signs of life

Signs of Life by Freddie Yauner was another Adobe Achievement Awards Entry that I had the pleasure to judge last friday. It had us chuckle. We spend our lives being directed by signage, but what do the signs get up to when they have no one to tell what to do? Reactive signage, giving a look into the lives of overworked pictograms. Signs of Life is a site specific instalation for Sleepless exhibition at the Great Eastern Hotel. When people were present, the sign would function, but when the space was empty the overworked pictogram [its very hard work standing on one leg all day] would take a well earned break, that is until he was needed back at work!
Flash animation controlled by a motion sensor.

I will never be able to look at the ‘exit signs’ the same way again. Hat tip to Freddie Yauner.