He Came With the Couch, by David Slonim

He came with the couch” made me laugh out loud, Ella looking at me with big eyes, not exactly sure what just happened. I truly love David Slonim’s illustration style and sense of humor.

A strangely shaped, plush blue fellow with suspenders is attached to Sophie’s family’s new couch. It seems like absolutely nothing will remove him, not even a boisterous bagpipe performance–not even the plunger! The family consults with the doctor, who says that he needs to get out more, so the entire family takes the couch and its permanent passenger to the Grand Canyon, the beach, and Washington, DC. Will any of these exotic locales get him off the couch?

The page with ‘him and the couch’ at the beach was definitely Ella’s favorite, as she’s completely beach-obsessed these days. I just hope she won’t ask us to bring our couch next time we head to the water…

Can you tell I love LookyBook?

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  1. David’s illustration work is fantastic, but he’s also a remarkable fine artist. I own a few of his paintings, check them out– http://www.davidslonimfineart.com.

  2. Sorry, the link above got the “.” included here’s a clean one… http://www.davidslonimfineart.com

  3. I love this book. When I was 12 I read this book with my sister. I asked for permission to read this book online to promote selling it in my web bookstore. Mr. Slonim said yes. I am 17 now. the link below has the link to my old recording.


    You have to own the book to truly appreciate the story. Get a copy and read it with my sister and me.